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He wanted his picture taken too


When Normand was adopted by our family we didn't know how much 1 dog can change people.  With Normand came a huge family of volunteers from the shelter that fought hard to save him.  Those wonderful people became our family.  Michelle our VP here was Normand's biggest fan, and quickly became our BFF and partner in crime.  Over the years while Michelle was still a volunteer, we got into rescue.  We as a family helped many local rescues, but something was always missing.  One day the timing was right and Michelle and I decided it was time for our own rescue.    Of course it had to be named after the first rescue (Normand) mostly because this 1 dog changed the course of our lives forever.  Normand reminds us everyday the standards we have set for our rescue. He also reminds us to never give up, because he never did.